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81_7c6dca19.gifSo far, we have about 1,000 alumni, including landscape architects in landscape architecture, architecture, or engineering companies, faculties, department heads, and directors in landscape architecture, recreation, or tourism department of many universities, researchers in academic institutions, and officials in many municipal governments.  The society gives very high opinion toward our department.


Decorative imageDecorative imageDecorative image1-主持人歐聖榮 教授.JPG001 (7).JPG2013畢展 (4).jpg捷克交換學生 (6).JPG桃米紙教堂 (1).JPG鶴湖新居合影紀念.JPG_DSC1206.JPG0605龔書章演講 (4).JPGending (2).JPG景觀週 (4).jpg2018寒假輕營隊 (44).JPG
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